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At Jubilant, we build leaders who create value, who believe that initative taken today, will show a better tomorrow. We leverage human capital for competitiveness by nurturing knowledge, entrepreneurship and creativity. We continuously strive to unleash the potential of each individual. Career Growth, Learning & Development, Engagement and Fun at work define life at Jubilant.
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We encourage Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation in the workplace. Our constant focus is on energizing our people into thinking different and innovate. We empower our people to make critical decision and take risks at a very early stage of their career by making them completely accountable for job they perform.

We continuously strive to unleash the potential of each individual. We provide our people with the development and knowledge resources they need to be successful in all aspects of their lives - both personaL professional. Our talent management goals are geared to creating a pipeline of potential leaders.

The diversity of the group offers critical and inspiring roles in a wide range of business segments. You will have countless opportunities of growth by the way of Lateral Movement; Succession Planning; Job Rotaion and Role Enlargement to keep you continuously engaged and equipped for new and exciting challenges in your career.
Over the years we have extended our footprints across the globe. The geographic spread of the group enables development of a global mindset among existing managers. We encourage job mopbility within our companies or businesses globally as a means of orienting them to changing international realities, generating synergies, and encouraging initiative and self-improvement on a global stage.

We keep our people intellectually stimulated and give them the freedom to make their own decisions. Engagement activities such as birthday celebration, annual day celebration, departmental meets and get-togethers are now a part of our way of life. Be it a festive celebration or individual acknowledgement, Jubilant does it all in a way that involves and connect to all. 'Disha'-our initiative in association with Gallup is our commitment towards acknowledging the opinions of our people.


We reward the will to succeed and the desire to compete with the best in the world. Our performance driven culture that's calibrated through rigorous processes is geared to reward high performing individuals and teams to achieve challenging and stretchable targets. Rewards can take many forms, from competitive salaries, traditional benefits, performance linked pay to internal recognition for superior performance.

Talented professionals are our most vital resources besides cutting edge technology. To execute our growth and diversification plans, while on the one hand, we continue to hire new, highly-skilled scienific and technical personnel. We have a committed team of qualified and experienced scientists from biotechnology, pharmaceutical and chemcial companies, as well as universities and research institute, in India and abroad. Our production technologies typically incorporate specialized proprietary know -how. The organization has a DNA on lean & six sigma experts, facilitating various business transformation initiatives. Working with a team of bright people will make your learning truly enriching and inspiring.
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