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As a part of the selection process, you would need to go through a pre-employment medical test. Your offer with the company will stand confirmed subject to the fitness certificate provided by your consultant physician.

The tests to be conducted form a part of the annexure of your offer letter.

You will have to carry the following two documents when you go for pre-employment medical test at any of the designated hospitals mentioned in NEON website.

  • A copy of the mail that you receive from your HR contact person authorizing you to visit the designated hospital regarding the pre-employment medical test.
  • A copy of the Offer Letter (optional)
All the tests to be conducted are on fasting and hence request you to have your investigations done empty stomach.
It is recommended that you get the pre-employment medical examination conducted at any of the hospitals listed on NEON website.Also, take a prior appointment at the designated hospital. To find out more about the network hospitals where this examination can be conducted, pls select the nearest city.
Incase any of these hospitals/centers is not accessible to you; the examination may be done at any of the other hospitals near to or in your city. In such cases, you will have to directly incur those expenses. The company shall reimburse the same subject to the maximum limit applicable at the location you are joining. Pls check with your HR contact at the site for the maximum limit that can be reimbursed.. Please retain the receipt with you and carry the reports along on the date of joining without which your joining formalities would not be complete.
  Applicants joining in Nanjangud, can get their pre-employment medical tests at the Apollo Hospitals/Clinics mentioned in the list herewith. Download List  
  Given below is a list of tests that are mandatory to be conducted:-  
General Body Health
  - Complete Blood Count & ESR
- Urine
- ABC Grouping & Rh Typing
- X-ray Chest
- General Physical Examination (with Basic Eye, Basic Ear & Basic
Dental Check-up, Height, Weight & BP)
Diabetes Panel
  - Fasting Blood Sugar
Cardiac Risk Profile
  - Cardio Vascular System (ECG) & Total Cholestrol

*Pls note there may be a few additional tests required as per the site specific working/SOP requirements. Pls check with your HR Contact for details of the same.



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